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Scandinavian Card Issuing Services (SCIS) provides pre-paid, debit and credit card issuing and e-wallets for corporations and organisations. Through our agency partnerships with leading issuing banks in the European Union and the United States, SCIS can customize any card issuing solution to suit our clients’ needs.

Our services

Tailored solutions
Through agency partnerships, SCIS provides white-label card issuing solutions for any organisation that wishes to provide employees or customers with their own card or e-wallet programs.
Security first
Cards and e-wallets can be provided for individuals and corporations towards customary KYC approval and onboarding. First line anti-money laundering and fraud checks are performed automatically.
Digital usage
Physical and virtual cards can be connected to services such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for contactless payments and withdrawals with a smartphone.


StudentCard is an upcoming card service tailored for European students in the USA - a hassle-free, pre-paid debit card without foreign exchange fees on purchases or withdrawals, or the need for a local bank account in the US.
Black cards are a sign of prestige, purchasing power, priority and esteem across the world. SCIS's Card Noir will be launched this fall, and is a premium service service that provides exclusive black plastic, metal or virtual cards combined with select services to private individuals in the EU.

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